It is already the middle of the month. So many exciting events in March. Schools are opening up this month. There is the smell of spring. Daffodils have started blossoming. The children made their own well pink daffodil.

World Book Day is on the 4th of March. I hope all of you have a special book. We’ve had special books that we have been reading.

There is ‘Mother’s Day’ on the 14 th of March. I can’t wait to see what the children have in store for their Mothers? Watch the space.


Not to mention Red Nose Day on 19th of March, World Water Day on 22nd March, Purple Day on 26th March and British Summer time begins on 28th March.

Spring sowing

We have planted onions as we are in spring. It’s good to plant some vegetables if you don’t have space outdoors you may use your window seals.