Welcome to Grandma Childminding!

We are an English speaking care provider with makaton sign language skills and experience.

We provide a Home-from-Home setting located in Fulham, SW6 London, in a three-floor semi-detached house with a safe back garden for the children to play and enjoy the sun. The setting has all the comforts you can think of in a home environment; with learning facilities, and a wide selection of toys and resources for children of all ages and stages.

We strive to give each child individual and close attention and cater to their individual needs. The children’s safety, care, and happiness are paramount. We send monthly reports and daily/weekly progress to the parent/s.

When we are not enjoying the playroom or the back garden, we take a nice walk to the park where the children get to play with each other as well as play and interact with other children. We also take the children to the library, children’s centre, museums, and other cultural interests (with prior permission from parents).

At Grandma Childminding (GC) we enjoy being outside (weather and appropriate clothing permitting) and to give children the opportunity to not only play but to learn about nature. What they learn outside is taken inside and we either paint what we have seen outside or create some interesting crafts that the children can hang up in the playroom or take home.

The type of educational support we provide for the children are homework help for the older ones, we provide numeracy and literacy, communication, physical exercise, crawling and walking for the little beginners, pen control, art and design, crafts, personal, social and emotional development.


We teach the children to wash their hands several times during the day, such as; when entering the setting after coming from outside, before and after meals and snacks, when using the lavatory, and when wiping the nose.

By keeping a maintaining hand hygiene we are aiming at reducing bacteria from travelling from room to room and causing the sensitive ones from becoming ill. This is especially the case during the current global pandemic and has proven to be effective in our setting.


Each child has their own basket where we keep their extra clothes. Parents are advised to provide extra clothes for their children including a towel and extra shoes. For the tots we ask parents to provide diapers.


Grandma Childminding has over 10 years of experience in the childcare home base sector.

We have newborn and infant experiences. Knowledge and experience in working with children of physical, intellectual, emotional, and social development. We pride ourselves in keeping close and trusting relationships with parents and children.

The ability to cope with unexpected situations is something we are known by. We also teach the parents and children how to cope and manage situations that might feel difficult. To stay calm under pressure and breathe.