Finger Painted Fireworks

We are in a second lockdown this month of November, and all the schools and early year providers are open for business, but still continuing with social distancing, washing hands and wearing face masks or covering. We have been talking about it with the children so that they are more familiar with what is going on around them and to be more careful. We have also advised the parents to do the same at home.

On the first Sunday of November we had a remembrance service to remember those who served in World War 2 and those who died. We did this by making poppies. The children had a lot of fun cutting out the shapes and gluing them down on paper. It was a great opportunity to teach them the history of the war.

We saw fireworks outside our window at the beginning of the month. What loud bangs they were with beautiful colours in the sky and sparkling everywhere. This inspired us to paint fireworks with our fingers on paper. We will be continuing with finger painting for the rest of the month by finding fruits, leaves, and other interesting objects to paint with our cute little fingers. 

Christine xo